Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Guess what Room 15 does every Thursday. We go to badminton with Lorene. We played soccer badminton last week. We had to pick a partner and 2 cones each. Then we had to grab a racket each and a fluffy shuttle. When Donna said go we started to play. I felt nervous because when the shuttle came to me, I thought that I wasn’t going to hit it, but I did.

Yesterday when we went we played mini badminton. You have to hit the shuttle to the other side. There were rules like, if you hit the shuttle into the net or do the wrong thing and play around, it will be the other persons turn. After that it was time to switch nets. We went to the backhand hitting one and used our backhand to hit the shuttle. When I was serving I hit the shuttle to far so I was out. Then Jouan hit the shuttle and Mya was out, so I had to get back in the game .

Filled with concentration I hit the shuttle to Mya and she hit it back to me, but it touched the roof so she was out. It was fun at badminton .


  1. Hi Gianna I like your nice writing.
    I hope you write more about badminton.

    KEEP IT UP GIRL<3 <3 <3


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