Monday, December 16, 2013

My Year Reflection here at Pt England School.

My year here at P.E.S

Beginning of the year-
I wasn't here at Pt England School when this year started. I was at a different school. I chose to move back to Pt England School because I thought it was a really awesome school and we had awesome new teachers. My two uncles Evan and Lukis were telling me that its really fun and they are doing fun stuff here at P.E.S.
That is part of the reason why I came back. I also moved back because kids here at Pt England school had really a really good education here at this school and I wanted one. People also kids using their netbooks have been improving in a lot of work. That sounded awesome.

This has been a really exciting year for me. Getting a new netbook for my school work is cool and awesome. I really enjoy having one because my work has been getting better and better.

My Netbook is really helping me with my work. When we are using our netbooks for our work we go on our Google Drive. Google Drive is a safe place to store our work and thats why I like using it.

This year our school has learnt some awesome new skills in basketball. Last term we  had Coaches for basketball coming into school to help us. They taught us how to play basketball and showed us some awesome skills. That helped us for when we play basketball for a club or when we go and play against other schools around Auckland.

This year I signed up for Touch ,Rugby League and Rippa Rugby. Rugby League was my first sport this year at Pt England. I really Enjoyed playing against other school in Auckland and coming 2nd in our Pool.
The later Ms Tito was running Touch and I signed up for it. We came 5th in our eastern zone tournament. I also Played Rippa Rugby down by the reserve and  we came 2nd in the whole tournament, Miss Vaafusuaga was really happy at all of the teams.

Wow!! This year we had a really awesome Production that Mr Jacobson put in for us. Mr Jacobson named the Production Sixty the Quest. A lot of people signed up and unfortunately some people did not make it in. I signed up for the Production and I made it in, I was really happy. I was in Mrs Tele’a and Miss Erasmus dance group. Mrs Tele’a and Mr Tele’as  Dance group was Michael Jackson dances.

There was a mix of dances and Miss Erasmus dance group was hip hop and thats why I signed up, because I enjoy Hip Hop.
On the actual night of the production. It was really fun and exhausting for me. When we were getting ready we had to put on make up. For Mrs Tele’as dance we had to bring black clothes and white socks. It was getting closer to our turn and I was really nervous but excited at the same time. A few Minutes Later It was our turn to go up.
At the end I thought that the Production was really fun and I wanted to perform again and we did, but this time it was in front of the whole school so everybody at school get to watch it.

My Year at P.E.S was fun, now that is coming up to the end of the year that means that the year 8's are leaving. I think I will miss some of them because they have been really good role models to us.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

My Netbook and year reflection

Having a new netbook connected to the internet this year has really helped me with my learning and helped me improve. Using my netbook for my work has made me get better in lots of my work especially writing and what we were  learning during this year.

On my netbook there is a lot of sites that I can go on or use to help me with my school work like Xtra Math, Math Whizz, Google Drive especially and a lot of other stuff………..

It is better than using pencil and paper because when we are using our netbooks we can use Google when we connect to the internet. Instead of using a writing book to write in we open a Google Doc to do our writing in.
Since I have my new chromebook I actually enjoy doing my work now.

During my year here at Pt England School I have learnt our school mihi and i have learnt how to say it in front of my class, I also learnt how to make my own mihimihi to say in assembly.

These last few terms  I’ve been here I  have learnt how to use Imovie when I need to edit my MTV’s or movies that we are working on.
I also learnt how to use hyperstudio and the tools on it properly.

The Google Doc helps us with our spelling because when we get a word wrong there will be a red line underneath it to let us know that we got the word wrong or the word doesn’t make sense.

I’ve learnt to do my work without my teacher having to look at my screen. I have learnt to be trusted with my netbook, and I try hard to do my work and be trustworthy. I try and teach myself not to be dodgy

This year I learnt how to film properly with a camera and I learnt how to film different angles and shots. I also learnt How to use my netbook properly and what sites we are allowed to go on and I also learnt a lot in maths and using new strategies with her.

This year my netbook has been really helpful and I have enjoyed having it.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Paul Walker

Paul Walker, (1973 -2013) was an american actor. He became famous in 1999. He took part in an famous exciting movie named Fast and Furious. Brian O’conner was his name in the hit movie fast and furious.

But it was November 30 this year when Paul and his friend Roger Rodas were driving along the road when the 2005 Porsche Carrera GT smashed into a light pole and tree. Seconds later people went rushing towards the car to help them. But it was too late Paul Walker and his fellow fast -car enthusiast Roger Rodas had died.

Minutes later the tragic breaking news had hit his family members, fans and the world. Many People were sad and emotional around the world especially me because I was a big fan of him.
Paul Walker starred in all but one of the six Fast & Furious blockbusters.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Earthquake Experience (Fake)

The day started off like a normal day, sunny, no clouds, and a hot day. I was getting ready for school and as I was in the middle of getting dressed the house started to shake. I felt terrified because straight away I had a thought that it was an earthquake but I was not sure. I couldn’t get my mum because she had left to the supermarket but I did ring some family members.

By the time they can it was too late the house had fallen down on to the cars driving past on the busy road and they were not able to get in. The road was blocked and many other houses were damaged. I thought that was the end of the world and my life, but luckily it wasn’t. 3 minutes later all the rattling and shaking had stopped I was so happy.

As everything was settling down we tried picking up the rubble that  had fallen down from the tall buildings.

At the end it felt like a nightmare, a real one! and that was all I remember.