Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Immersion Assembly

Immersion Assembly.

To start off each term we usually have an Immersion Assembly on the first day back at school like every other term. I wasn't excited to come back to school because I was having an awesome holiday, but I was excited to find out our topic for the term and see my friends!

When the 8:30 bell rang I walked into class having a fair idea of what our topic was about  from the world map and the pictures on the wall. Once I found out that our topic for this term is “Game On” I straight away knew why that was, it was because the commonwealth games are on...

When we walked into the hall there were bikes on the stage and on the floor, I thought it was because bike riding is one of the events happening in the commonwealth games. Then assembly started and we listened to Mr Jacobson talk about our topic and why is was that.

Once he finished talking Team 1 was first up showed their Item, it was about some of the countries participating in the commonwealth games. They showed us a video of the the team 1 teachers supporting a few countries that are representing their countries in the commonwealth games.

Then it was Team 2’s turn to share, their item was about two sports that are in the commonwealth games, Netball and rugby. We watched a video of them playing those sports. Then after that they went on the stage and showed played those sports.

Next up was Team 3, They showed us some videos of some competitors doing gymnastics, then they demonstrated gymnastics themselves. Then they demonstrated gymnastics to us on the stage..

After that was Team 4, then Team 5…...