Monday, September 22, 2014

Term 3 reflection

“Yaaay, the term is nearly over!” It is the last week of Term 3 and I am very excited for the holidays! This term we had a lot of stuff on at our school like Cross Country, we had The New Zealand Manager of Samsung come to our school, her name was Ms Kenny Yeon. Then we had prizegiving for sport teams and sports and also we had a very tough netball tournament for the year 7&8 netball girls.

When Samsung visited our school the Year 6 Ambassadors and the Intermediate students did a Powhiri to welcome them to our school. We sang a song called he honore, and then the manager handed over a gift for our school. When Ms Kenny Yeon (the manager) was doing that we sang a song called ‘Powhiri Mai’. Then Tyla-Marie handed over a traditional maori necklace to the manager of Samsung we sang ‘Powhiri Mai’ again.

This term we had Kiwisports. Kiwisports is once a week for each class. We learnt how to play different kinds of sports like AFL, Soccer (football) and  Netball.

This term we had a couple of adults that inspired us to do what we want to in the future. They were part of a future aspiration group. A future aspiration group is a group of people that come to our school and inspire children to do there best in school and their studies so they can get a good job when they grow up.

Also this term some of the year 8 students enrolled to their college for next year. I was one of those people and I enrolled at Auckland Girls’ Grammar. I was very happy because I got accepted into that school. That means I need to focus really hard on my school work to get into a good class.

Yes, a very busy term it has been for everyone! That is why I am very excited to have a two week break from school!

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  1. Hi Gianna,

    I loved your writing. It was really detailed and i loved how you had many juicy words and that you checked it. It was a really amazing piece of writing. Keep it up .


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