Tuesday, December 9, 2014

My Chromebook

Having a Chromebook connected to the internet is the best stationary EVER!! Using my Chromebook for my work has made me get better in lots of my work especially writing and what we were learning during the years. I've had my netbook for 2 years now.

On my netbook there is a lot of sites that I can go on or use to help me with my school work like Xtra-Math, MathWhizz, Google Drive,IXL, Study ladder and many other sites!

Using a Chromebook is way easier than pencil and paper.  I say that because my Chromebook has the whole package! Like, dictionary/thesaurus, Calculator, note pad, etc..and...on my Chromebook I can go on this site called ‘Google Drive’, and its where I can do all my writing. It is better than using pencil and paper because when we are using our Netbooks we can use Google when we connect to the internet and instead of using a writing book to write in we open Google Doc to do our writing in.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Te Tuhi Trip

This morning class 2 went on a class trip to Te Tuhi. Te Tuhi is an art gallery, dance studio and a cafe, in Pakuranga. The reason why our class went there was because our focus is Art and we went to look at some amazing art pieces and also made some Tapa Cloths.

When we got to Te Tuhi we a person named Jeremy talked to us about the Art Gallery and what types of stuff they do here. Once he finished talking we went to the art room to make Tapa Cloths.

First we had a piece of paper, then we scrunched the piece of paper up. Once we did that we got pastel and rubbed the pastel in each square, so all the squares could be coloured. Then once we did that we dyed our piece of paper so there is no white spots. Once that was done we put our papers on the stairs to dry.

Then we got a piece of paper that was already dried and used that one. Then we drawed on our piece of paper, 4 main things. Which were family, culture, home and interest.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Every year Pt England School has Athletics Day, when it is nearly the end of the year. We always have Athletics on the field, and before Athletics starts we always have to line up on the courts so that we know what our activities are.

When it is athletics kids come in the colors Blue, Red, Yellow and Green. The reason which is because those are our haue colors. At this school we have 4 houses and each house has a name which are colors. Takitimu for yellow, Te Arawa for Red, Mataatua for green and Tainui for blue. When we have events like this we’re allowed to come in our house colors!

On Friday we had Athletics. When we did athletics it was  hot day, with a little bit of rain before it started. I enjoy athletics because of all the fun, challenging activities that we do.

Here at Pt England School we do all kinds of activities like….Shot Put, High Jump, Sprints, Javelin, discus and some relays which were fun activities. I enjoy doing the activities because sometimes I win house points for my house, which is Te Arawa!

So, on athletics day the year 8 girls first activity was Javelin. Javelin is when you have this stick looking thing that has one pointy end which points to the way you’re aiming. Then when you are ready to throw the javelin you have to hold it like you’re holding a pencil, then when you let go the pointy and has to touch the ground first so that it can count. Also you have to try your best and try and get it as far as you can throw it.  In that activity my throw didn't count because the pointy end didn't touch first AHAHAHA.

Then it was relays I really enjoyed it because it was a fun activity with my friends and my house groups. I also enjoyed challenging the other houses in running races and the tugger war.

After that it was another relay which where we had to get into our house groups again and then do relays with skipping ropes. I enjoyed that one as well because because I raced some of my friends and they were really fast and challenging.

Then we had to finish the rest of our athletics off on Tuesday. Tuesday was a better day because of the weather and my favorite activities were we on that day. I enjoyed the sprints because I came 1st in the 75 meter and then I had  really sore leg because I pulled a muscle. So I couldn't run properly in my second race and came fourth :) Then I went sik bay. AHAH.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Term 3 reflection

“Yaaay, the term is nearly over!” It is the last week of Term 3 and I am very excited for the holidays! This term we had a lot of stuff on at our school like Cross Country, we had The New Zealand Manager of Samsung come to our school, her name was Ms Kenny Yeon. Then we had prizegiving for sport teams and sports and also we had a very tough netball tournament for the year 7&8 netball girls.

When Samsung visited our school the Year 6 Ambassadors and the Intermediate students did a Powhiri to welcome them to our school. We sang a song called he honore, and then the manager handed over a gift for our school. When Ms Kenny Yeon (the manager) was doing that we sang a song called ‘Powhiri Mai’. Then Tyla-Marie handed over a traditional maori necklace to the manager of Samsung we sang ‘Powhiri Mai’ again.

This term we had Kiwisports. Kiwisports is once a week for each class. We learnt how to play different kinds of sports like AFL, Soccer (football) and  Netball.

This term we had a couple of adults that inspired us to do what we want to in the future. They were part of a future aspiration group. A future aspiration group is a group of people that come to our school and inspire children to do there best in school and their studies so they can get a good job when they grow up.

Also this term some of the year 8 students enrolled to their college for next year. I was one of those people and I enrolled at Auckland Girls’ Grammar. I was very happy because I got accepted into that school. That means I need to focus really hard on my school work to get into a good class.

Yes, a very busy term it has been for everyone! That is why I am very excited to have a two week break from school!

Friday, September 19, 2014

What is Cross Country?

What is cross country???

Cross country is an annual event for a lot of schools, but not only schools, it is an event that anyone can feel free to do, with either friends, family or even a team. Before this event happens they would usually train very hard everyday to get fit for the event. Cross country is an exciting event that you can either run by yourself or with a group of friends.

Cross country is an event that you need to be fit and healthy also have a lot of stamina to stay in a good pace for the race. Cross country is a race run over mountains, hills, grass, mud and all sorts of tracks. It is also not about coming first, it is about you trying your best and doing your best.

I love doing cross country because this event keeps me fit and healthy for when I play sports. Cross country is an event that we have every year at Pt England School. It is held for our whole school to attend. Usually I would attend this event but I couldn't be bothered this year.

Here at Pt England School, Cross country is an whole day event, because we have a large school. So, usually the first group of kids to run are usually the little Year 1’s. Then it goes To Year 2’s, 3’s 4’s and all the way up to our older students.

When you start Pt England School Mrs Flavell, our office lady, would put you into a house color. Those house colors are for The events that we have in school, like Cross Country, Athletics or even team assemblies. Here at Pt England School some teachers are very kind because usually in team assemblies they give house points out to children that sit up nicely, or do some kind of ‘Random Act Of Kindness’.

In our school we have 4 house colors for 4 teams. Those colors Takitimu (Yellow), Tainui (Blue), Te Arawa (Red) and Mataatua (Green). Each of these houses have about 100 kids in each team, and that is all of our school students split up. These houses are the houses that you need to line up in when our school has Cross Country.

When it is the day of Cross Country, our whole school meets on the court. Usually there are lines that you have to line up in. Those lines are, Year 1 girls, Year 1 boys and it keeps on going until you get up to the Year 8 boys. Once you are lined up Ms Va'afusuaga would ask our house captains to lead their house into their chants. Oh did I mention, each house has their own chants too!

This is a good event for maintaining body strength, losing weight or becoming fit and healthy. If you've never did cross country before then I recommend this is a good event for you or your team!!