Friday, May 9, 2014

Sound. What Can I hear?

Sound: What can I hear?

Team 5’s Inquiry focus this term is about Physics and the Science of ‘Sound’.

What types of sounds can you hear?
e.g. phone ringing, siblings, t.v, talking, music.
e.g. people talking, music, jokes, laughing.
e.g. children laughing, screaming, crying.
e.g. cars whizzing past. Thunder, rain, wind.
Which sounds do you like listening to? Why?
music. because I like listening to music.
Laughing. friends. Because..
Friends ,Laughing, jokes, because it makes me happy
The sound of thunder because it is like a gunshot to your ears.
Why sounds are annoying? Why?
My brother, my other brother. Because they’re loud.
teachers growling. because when i hear them growling they sound angry
Babies crying. People screaming . I get really sore ears.

Finally, think about what your world would be like if you didn’t have sound. What would it be like if you couldn’t hear a single thing, or if you had to live in absolute silence? What do you think it would be like?

At home, school or anywhere else you would hear many sounds like music, laughter, joking around, people, screaming, talking etc. Imagine if you weren't able to hear anything. It would be difficult  because you would have  to find other ways of communicating with others, using sign language would be one of the ways of communicating.

Hearing can keep you safe in many ways. When you’re crossing the road and you thought it was clear, so you cross but then out of no where a car comes. But you wouldn’t be able to hear it and then you get hit by the car.
If you were deaf you won’t be able to hear the smoke alarm when it’s going off, and  before you know it your house will be burnt. Thats is why it is really important that we can hear and have sound.

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