Friday, November 22, 2013

Forensic Scientist

A forensic scientist is a member of the team that investigates a crime scene. In a crime scene their job is to gather evidence such as fingerprints, footprints, blood , hair and bullets.

On Monday a lady named Emma  came to talk to the year 7 & 8 about her life and what she is doing now. She works for Forensic Scientist like how I was just talking about before. Her job is to gather evidence from crime scenes such as fingerprints, footprints,blood,hair and bullets and other evidence.

She is one of the  members of a forensic scientist team that investigates a crime scene. She told us that she really enjoys her job and her studies. “It is not a easy job and it is not a clean job either” she said. It isn’t like how it looks on crime scene programme, it is actually a messy job.

“Wow” I thought to myself that must be a hard working job. “ You'll probably have to have high marks in your school work and studies to do that” I was thinking to myself.

To be a forensic scientist you need to
- You need to know something about science - usually a science degree is required for most areas

-You need to be able to think "outside the box" to analyze evidence - it is not always straight forward

-You should not be disturbed by death or gross evidence items - you might be dealing with dead bodies.
- You need to be able to pass a background check and lie detector test about yourself


Writing Example

Paragraph 1:
It was a thundering stormy night, when we were just about to head off to the supermarket, I ran quickly up the the stairs to get ready, but as I nearly go to the end of the stairs I heard a  noise, it was a screeching  noise. I quickly turned around but there was nobody,”Hello, who’s there?” I said but nobody was there. So I kept walking.

Paragraph 2:
As I got closer and closer to my bedroom the noise got louder and louder, so I started looking for whoever was making that noise. “come out come out wherever you are!” I exclaimed. But the longer it was taking the more angrier and annoyed it was getting. The noise sounded like a screaming which dieing.

I opened my bedroom door and looked everywhere for a person or whoever was making that noise, but I didn’t find it so went into my wardrobe get me a jersey. I sprinted back down stairs to my mum but she wasn’t there. “Mum! Mum!” I cried, I didn’t get a reply so I looked out the window and the car wasn’t there “aye” I thought to myself,”Oh they must of already went to the supermarket and left me behind”.

So I went and watched T.V, and as I was watching the same noise came to the back of my ears. “Whoever you are please get away!”

Future Aspriation

On Wednesday the year 7 & 8's got welcomed us into the hall because a few people from around Auckland came to our school to talk to the year 7 and 8 students. They were people that had dreams or goals that they wanted to achieve and most of their dreams came true.

First there was a young boy named Triston that told us a little about him and what he does in his life. He is in Year 7 at Mt Roskill Intermediate.

He is a really mad about his learning .His mum wants to sit tests for him that are normally done by year 11
But theres more. Guess what or where Triston is going next year. Well hes going to Auckland University and that is pretty amazing I thought.

Triston teaches his self on his own. He mostly studies outside of school hours and says “learning is better than playing video games” “Wow” I thought to myself “that is really amazing”
His special saying was “Quest is fun,Be Nosy”

He really liked being nosy in between stuff like learning. Triston tested on the triple layer milk bottle for the taste, light and acidity.

He found out that the black layer on the milk bottle attracts the sun. He also found out that the milk triple layer bottle degraded faster.