Tuesday, June 11, 2013


                                                        My Nightmare

A couple of years ago I had a nightmare that I still can remember..........early hours in the morning something was touching me “arghh”I woke up and heard screaming noises in the kitchen so I jumped out of bed but the noise stopped,so I went back to bed. 1 minute later the noise came back and it was coming from the kitchen.

Then I walked to the kitchen,on the way there I saw trails of blood coming from my brothers room, I turned around and walked to his room screeching,screaming and yelling noises were sneaking up to my ears. “arghh’’ something bit me, I turned around and switched  the light on but there was nothing!! I kept on walking to my brothers room, finally I got there and he was not there. The beds were turned upside down,couches were upside down,walls smashed,windows broken “what am I going to do!”? I Said to myself.

I walked into my Mum’s bedroom while I was walking there the same thing came back to my ears, filled with fears I sprinted back into my room and I turned around and these freaky looking zombies were at the back of me “get away from me I don’t know you!what do you want from me? just go” I yelled so they went,when they shut the door I went back to bed and fell asleep. About half an hour later I woke up “haha” I said in my head, until I realised it was just a dream.

By Gianna