Monday, March 31, 2014

Movie In The Park.

Movie In the Park

Movie In The Park is a Movie played in the park. Usually put on by the Auckland City Council at the Pt England Reserve. In the Tamaki Community it is held at the Pt England Reserve. Movie In The Park is when you can watch a movie for free and in the park! Isn't that cool. This usually happens a couple of times during the year so you maybe would like to go and watch people sing or watch a Movie for free.

There is also other things that they put on for the public like, bands, singers movies etc. That is also a free thing for anybody to go to. Earlier on this year they had one of those things when people and bands perform in public and you get to watch them sing and perform for free! I think since the councils been putting on free things like that it really attracts the community and people are really interested.

Once I heard that there was going to be a Movie In The Park I quickly jumped up and asked my friends if they were going, they said yes. They asked me if I was going and I said yeah but I don’t have anybody to go with so they said “ oh come with us then” so I said “ok what time should we go” and they said we’ll meet up at 6 o'clock OK and I said yeah.

When I got there I started looking for my friends because I didn't see them there, all I could see were all these big college people. Later on that night I finally found them. They were playing on the park.

Movie In The Park started  around 6 o’clock and finished a bit late, about 9 o'clock. Since it was at night time I think that is why there were a lot of kids there. I didn't watch the Movie because I wanted to run around and play with my mates.

Movie In The Park is great to go to with families. If you're not going there to watch a movie then maybe you should take a friend. If you're with a friend or friends then you can hang out with them or even watch a movie.

Since it was a free thing there were a lot of kids going there to hang out. I went there to hang out with my friends. When we got there we were surrounded by all these college kids. Because the were really tall I felt like a little tiny person.

The Movie That was playing was Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2. I didn't watch it so I don’t know what it is about. The next day there was another Movie It was Despicable Me 2. It is a really funny Movie mostly about these little cute Minions. If you haven't watched this Movie before maybe you should watch it because it is really interesting and funny.

Hopefully there will be another Movie In The Park because It is really fun running around at night time. Because it was at night time I didn't go sleep until around about 10:30 and woke up really late the next morning. I can’t wait until the next Movie In The Park!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Sports at Tamaki.

        Sports at Tamaki.

Do you know what classes 2, 4 and 5 do for sports. Well, every week on Friday those 3 classes go down to Tamaki College for sports. We don't need any transport to go there because it is only down the road.

When we get to Tamaki we go to the field for a little meeting. Then we get into our teams. Once we are ready we walk to our area where we are going to play our games. Then our tutors put us into 2 teams. Then once we are in our 2 teams we start to play our games.

The first game that we played was this tigy game. We had to get into teams of 2 but since our whole group of kids had only 3 girls Me, Martha and Sarona were a group of 3.

After we got into our groups 1 person from each group was a tagger. Once we got our taggers they had to try and tag us, if the person that wasn’t in didn’t get tagged then they get a point. If you do get tagged then the tagger gets a point

After we finished playing that game we played a game called trustfall. Trustfall is a game game about trust. For this game we had to get into to groups. When we got into our groups one person from each team had to stand on a table.

When we were on the table the people on the ground had to put their hands out to catch us. Once I say ready they say yes and then I fall back. Once I was fell I was happy that I didn’t have to do it again because it was pretty scary.

After that it was time to go back to school so we went back to our meeting area and said thank you to our tutors and went back to school.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Gianna ,Cyclone Lusi

Cyclone Lusi
* Big Mess
*Heavy rain
*Strong Wind
*Rough Waves
*Damaged building.
*power cuts
*mud slides :D
*gale winds

Things to think about.
1.What is a cyclone?
2. Explain what happens during a cyclone.
3.What was the weather like in the weekend
4.How can people prepare for a cyclone?(e.g how to keep safe)

A cyclone is a system of winds rotating inwards to an area of low atmospheric pressure. A cyclone can cause severe damage to houses, cars, and boats in the water too. Cyclones create lots of mess like falling trees on roads, and fallen power lines.

During a cyclone you will hear all sorts of sounds like smash, boom, bang  etc. A cyclone rotates in the same direction as the earth. If you are wondering what happens during a cyclone, these storms can produce a great deal of damage. On land, the storm can cause structural damage and flooding. It can also destroy vehicles, buildings and vessels and cause severe damage to peoples houses.

During the weekend the Cyclone Lusi weather was horrible. There were dark clouds, the sky was grey, bashing waves at beaches, damaged houses, fallen trees and powerpoles were on roads. Also heavy rain that actually ruined my me and my friends plans. We planned to go to the night rides at Rainbows End but because of the heavy rain we couldn't go.

If there is a cyclone coming towards your city or country you need to be prepared by having things packed like food, torches matches etc. After the cyclone Don’t go outside until officially advised it is safe.Listen to the local radio or the news for warnings and advice.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Fiafia Practice

Loud Music, Wonderful performing, Happy people, Everybody having fun! Yup that's Fiafia. This year we will be having Fiafia. Fiafia is a like a celebration or to get together and that started at our school last year. I am excited to perform at this years Fiafia

For this years Fiafia I am in the senior Hip Hop group. We practice our Fiafia hip hop dance every Thursday after lunch.

Every time we practice we make up new Hip Hop moves. I like learning new moves because Next week Ester will be helping us make up new dance moves and get our timing right when we do them.

The cool thing about Fiafia practice is learning new moves and dancing to them. Also it is cool and fun sometimes and when it is the actual night hundreds of people come to watch us perform.

The best thing about Fiafia is performing on a big stage in front of a big crowd and dancing or singing in front of your family and other people that come to watch.

The Positive thing about Fiafia:
Having Fun
Seeing everybody else having fun too
Happy People.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

FANBOYS and AAAWWUBIS, What Do they stand for?

Waitangi Day.

Waitangi day is a holiday; for many, and  especially Maori. Waitangi day is recognized as New Zealand’s national day.

AA day for people to enjoy the happiness of the signing of the Treaty. Also to celebrate those who signed it. About 40 chiefs signed the treaty and about 500 others including 13 women.

It is a public holiday in New Zealand and for people staying in New Zealand.

The treaty of waitangi means a lot to the New Zealanders. The Treaty Of Waitangi was signed on Feb 6 in the marquee of James Busbys house in Waitangi (now known as the treaty house).

After Labour won the election they proposed as a public holiday

New Zealand marks the signing of the treaty in 1840, every year on February 6th.