Friday, September 19, 2014

What is Cross Country?

What is cross country???

Cross country is an annual event for a lot of schools, but not only schools, it is an event that anyone can feel free to do, with either friends, family or even a team. Before this event happens they would usually train very hard everyday to get fit for the event. Cross country is an exciting event that you can either run by yourself or with a group of friends.

Cross country is an event that you need to be fit and healthy also have a lot of stamina to stay in a good pace for the race. Cross country is a race run over mountains, hills, grass, mud and all sorts of tracks. It is also not about coming first, it is about you trying your best and doing your best.

I love doing cross country because this event keeps me fit and healthy for when I play sports. Cross country is an event that we have every year at Pt England School. It is held for our whole school to attend. Usually I would attend this event but I couldn't be bothered this year.

Here at Pt England School, Cross country is an whole day event, because we have a large school. So, usually the first group of kids to run are usually the little Year 1’s. Then it goes To Year 2’s, 3’s 4’s and all the way up to our older students.

When you start Pt England School Mrs Flavell, our office lady, would put you into a house color. Those house colors are for The events that we have in school, like Cross Country, Athletics or even team assemblies. Here at Pt England School some teachers are very kind because usually in team assemblies they give house points out to children that sit up nicely, or do some kind of ‘Random Act Of Kindness’.

In our school we have 4 house colors for 4 teams. Those colors Takitimu (Yellow), Tainui (Blue), Te Arawa (Red) and Mataatua (Green). Each of these houses have about 100 kids in each team, and that is all of our school students split up. These houses are the houses that you need to line up in when our school has Cross Country.

When it is the day of Cross Country, our whole school meets on the court. Usually there are lines that you have to line up in. Those lines are, Year 1 girls, Year 1 boys and it keeps on going until you get up to the Year 8 boys. Once you are lined up Ms Va'afusuaga would ask our house captains to lead their house into their chants. Oh did I mention, each house has their own chants too!

This is a good event for maintaining body strength, losing weight or becoming fit and healthy. If you've never did cross country before then I recommend this is a good event for you or your team!!


  1. This is a fantastic piece of writing Gianna. It would of been great to actually see you race as well.

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