Friday, November 22, 2013

Writing Example

Paragraph 1:
It was a thundering stormy night, when we were just about to head off to the supermarket, I ran quickly up the the stairs to get ready, but as I nearly go to the end of the stairs I heard a  noise, it was a screeching  noise. I quickly turned around but there was nobody,”Hello, who’s there?” I said but nobody was there. So I kept walking.

Paragraph 2:
As I got closer and closer to my bedroom the noise got louder and louder, so I started looking for whoever was making that noise. “come out come out wherever you are!” I exclaimed. But the longer it was taking the more angrier and annoyed it was getting. The noise sounded like a screaming which dieing.

I opened my bedroom door and looked everywhere for a person or whoever was making that noise, but I didn’t find it so went into my wardrobe get me a jersey. I sprinted back down stairs to my mum but she wasn’t there. “Mum! Mum!” I cried, I didn’t get a reply so I looked out the window and the car wasn’t there “aye” I thought to myself,”Oh they must of already went to the supermarket and left me behind”.

So I went and watched T.V, and as I was watching the same noise came to the back of my ears. “Whoever you are please get away!”

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