Monday, December 2, 2013

Earthquake Experience (Fake)

The day started off like a normal day, sunny, no clouds, and a hot day. I was getting ready for school and as I was in the middle of getting dressed the house started to shake. I felt terrified because straight away I had a thought that it was an earthquake but I was not sure. I couldn’t get my mum because she had left to the supermarket but I did ring some family members.

By the time they can it was too late the house had fallen down on to the cars driving past on the busy road and they were not able to get in. The road was blocked and many other houses were damaged. I thought that was the end of the world and my life, but luckily it wasn’t. 3 minutes later all the rattling and shaking had stopped I was so happy.

As everything was settling down we tried picking up the rubble that  had fallen down from the tall buildings.

At the end it felt like a nightmare, a real one! and that was all I remember.

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