Thursday, February 20, 2014

How I get to School In the Morning

How I get to School in the morning is by walking or by car . Usually every morning I walk with my friends. I get up early so that I can have a shower, get into my uniform and then have my breakfast. Sometimes my mum has to wake me up because I might sleep in.

I always set my alarm at 7:30 so the I have time to get ready. When I have finished getting ready I go to the bathroom to brush my teeth. Then when It is about 8:00 I look for my bag, put my lunch in it and then start to head to School.

I always walk because it is only at the end of my street, Unless it is raining I ask my mum if she can drop me off. Once I arrive at the pedestrian crossing somehow I always meet my friends there.

After we have finished doing that Miss Paget talks into what we are going to be doing today for our work. It takes about a couple of minutes for her to talk about it.

When I arrive to School I wait at my desk for everybody else to arrive. Then once WE have all arrived at School we are all ready for learning. First We start off with our Karakia then We sing.

Then Once She has finish we get straight into our literacy which we usually do in the morning.So once we’ve had a little chat we walk into the breeze then we walk around the School before School starts. When the 8:30 bell rings My friends and I run to class. It is important for me to get to class in time.

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