Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Waitangi Day.

Waitangi day is a holiday; for many, and  especially Maori. Waitangi day is recognized as New Zealand’s national day.

AA day for people to enjoy the happiness of the signing of the Treaty. Also to celebrate those who signed it. About 40 chiefs signed the treaty and about 500 others including 13 women.

It is a public holiday in New Zealand and for people staying in New Zealand.

The treaty of waitangi means a lot to the New Zealanders. The Treaty Of Waitangi was signed on Feb 6 in the marquee of James Busbys house in Waitangi (now known as the treaty house).

After Labour won the election they proposed as a public holiday

New Zealand marks the signing of the treaty in 1840, every year on February 6th.

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