Friday, April 11, 2014

Fiafia Reflection

Do you know what Fiafia is?  Fiafia is when you and others get together and celebrate, be happy and perform. Well, guess what. Last Night our school had Fiafia and it was awesome! Every child in the school was put into a group to perform at on the night.

For Fiafia I was in the senior Hip hop group. My costume was a batman t-shirt  and swagpants but I didn’t want to wear the batman shirt so I swapped t-shirts with my friend Sarona. In our Hip hop group we had to practice every Thursday from 2pm to 3pm until Fiafia starts. We needed the practices so that we can get the dance right on the night.

Finally the night came, everybody was excited, maybe nervous but mostly HAPPY! I was very excited to dance on the stage to make my family proud. Before the show started people were walking around and buying stuff to eat. As soon as  I got to school for the Fiafia night my friend Tamera was here waiting for me and when I saw her we were taking some photos on her iPad.

When it started to get dark more and more people were coming and it started to get packed, and then when it was 6:00pm Mr Burt made a call out for all the Pt England kids to go to their changing rooms.

Then once we got to our changing rooms we watched a movie. The movie that we watched ARE WE THERE YET? We only watched that movie for about 20 mins then we headed off to the stage.

When Mr Burt did did a call out and said “its time to go now” straight away I got butterflies. I was really nervous but I didn’t show it. Once we got out on to the field I thought WOW what a big crowd! Since it was dark and there were a lot of people I didn’t see my mum but after the show she said that she saw me.

It was nearly time for our Hip hop group to come up. We were after the bollywood group. When they finished dancing I was nervous but excited at the same time because I knew that it was our turn.

We walked up onto the stage, and just seeing that big crowd was really amazing. As soon as the music started play I was determined to dance really well with my friends.

After we finished dancing it was the tongan girls turn. We cheered and cheered until they went off the stage. I forgot which group were after them but I do remember that they done well.

My highlight for the night was watching the band. I really like them because before they started their performance we encouraged them to come on by yelling out

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