Wednesday, June 4, 2014

How to play netball.

I am going to tell you how to play netball.

Netball is a ball sport for two teams of seven players. There are seven positions for each team which are C (centre), WA (wing attack), WD (wing defence), GA (goal attack), GD (goal defence), GS (goal shoot) and GK (goal keeper).

Each of those positions have their own job to do on the court. The court is divided into thirds and each of those thirds have names. The two thirds on the end of the court are called the goal thirds and the middle third is called the centre third.

Centres are able to move in the whole court except the two semi circles. They have to help out in defence and in attack. Centres mainly have to get the ball from the defensive side to the attack side. If a team has scored a goal the centre also restarts the game. They do this by making a pass from the centre circle.

It is their job to create as many goal scoring chances as possible by passing the ball to the shooters. Wing attacks can move in the attacking and the centre third but not the defensive third.

Defences job is to try stop the oppositions Attacks from getting the ball off the centre or any other position from the other team . They do this by getting in front of the Attacks but you can not hit them. If you are caught hitting a player or even accidentally bumping into them when they have the ball, the umpire will blow the whistle and say “contact” which means you have to stand beside the player and you will not be able to defend them.

If the WA caught the ball from the centre you job as the  Defender is to defend the ball by standing three feet away from the opposition and defend using your hands. If you defend too close to the other player the umpire will blow the whistle and say “ stand down obstruction” which means you will have to stand down.

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