Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Argument Writing

Dear Prime Minister John Key

I am writing this letter to say that I think we need to reduce the amount (or even ban) of plastic bags in New Zealand. Other countries around the world have already done this so I think that it is a good idea that we do it to, to save our animals and sea creatures that are eating this plastic.

The reason why is because too many people don’t care about our animals, lands and sea. Instead of putting their plastic bags in the rubbish they throw it elsewhere. That is dangerous for our animals and nature because too many plastics and fragments are going into our seas and the animals are eating them. Animals can die because people are littering their plastic bags and animals can easily mistake it for food and they end up eating the plastic bags.

Already 30 other countries have banned plastic bags because of the issue and if New Zealand wants a clean green country like how other people from around the world see it as, I think we need to ban plastic bags.

Did you know that New Zealand goes through 1 billion plastic bags a year? A lot of all that plastic ends up in the sea and many sea creatures eat it and die.

Your sincerely
Pt England School

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