Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Every year Pt England School has Athletics Day, when it is nearly the end of the year. We always have Athletics on the field, and before Athletics starts we always have to line up on the courts so that we know what our activities are.

When it is athletics kids come in the colors Blue, Red, Yellow and Green. The reason which is because those are our haue colors. At this school we have 4 houses and each house has a name which are colors. Takitimu for yellow, Te Arawa for Red, Mataatua for green and Tainui for blue. When we have events like this we’re allowed to come in our house colors!

On Friday we had Athletics. When we did athletics it was  hot day, with a little bit of rain before it started. I enjoy athletics because of all the fun, challenging activities that we do.

Here at Pt England School we do all kinds of activities like….Shot Put, High Jump, Sprints, Javelin, discus and some relays which were fun activities. I enjoy doing the activities because sometimes I win house points for my house, which is Te Arawa!

So, on athletics day the year 8 girls first activity was Javelin. Javelin is when you have this stick looking thing that has one pointy end which points to the way you’re aiming. Then when you are ready to throw the javelin you have to hold it like you’re holding a pencil, then when you let go the pointy and has to touch the ground first so that it can count. Also you have to try your best and try and get it as far as you can throw it.  In that activity my throw didn't count because the pointy end didn't touch first AHAHAHA.

Then it was relays I really enjoyed it because it was a fun activity with my friends and my house groups. I also enjoyed challenging the other houses in running races and the tugger war.

After that it was another relay which where we had to get into our house groups again and then do relays with skipping ropes. I enjoyed that one as well because because I raced some of my friends and they were really fast and challenging.

Then we had to finish the rest of our athletics off on Tuesday. Tuesday was a better day because of the weather and my favorite activities were we on that day. I enjoyed the sprints because I came 1st in the 75 meter and then I had  really sore leg because I pulled a muscle. So I couldn't run properly in my second race and came fourth :) Then I went sik bay. AHAH.

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