Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Te Tuhi Trip

This morning class 2 went on a class trip to Te Tuhi. Te Tuhi is an art gallery, dance studio and a cafe, in Pakuranga. The reason why our class went there was because our focus is Art and we went to look at some amazing art pieces and also made some Tapa Cloths.

When we got to Te Tuhi we a person named Jeremy talked to us about the Art Gallery and what types of stuff they do here. Once he finished talking we went to the art room to make Tapa Cloths.

First we had a piece of paper, then we scrunched the piece of paper up. Once we did that we got pastel and rubbed the pastel in each square, so all the squares could be coloured. Then once we did that we dyed our piece of paper so there is no white spots. Once that was done we put our papers on the stairs to dry.

Then we got a piece of paper that was already dried and used that one. Then we drawed on our piece of paper, 4 main things. Which were family, culture, home and interest.

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