Friday, May 23, 2014

How does a musical instrument create sound?

Do you think that a guitar is probably one of the easiest instruments to play, because I do. I think that because I see many people playing this instrument around the school, also I’ve played it myself and it is quite easy. A guitar to me means calming sounds when you strum.

Do you know the parts of a guitar. Well, there is the head, theres tuning pegs, the strings, frets, sound hole, rib, body and bridge and many other stuff.

Sound is produced when you strum the strings. When you strum the guitar the sound comes out of the sound hole which turns into sound waves and moves into our ears.

First put your left hand fingers on the neck of the guitar and use your right fingers to strum on the body part of the guitar. Once you start strumming there will be sounds coming out of the sound hole on the guitar.

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