Monday, May 26, 2014

Science Roadshow.

On friday morning class 2 and 5 went to the science roadshow at Tamaki College. We left to go there at 8:45 because we needed to get there early. As soon as we got to school we started to get ready to leave.

When we got there we lined up outside the hall to listen to this really tall man that welcomed us there and he was telling us what we are going to do when we go in there and the types of things that are in the hall.

As soon as I walked in I could already see these experiments set up for us. I sat on the chair and there was a table in front of us and a projector thing. There were three people that introduced themselves, there were two men and one lady.

Once they introduced themselves we did our first experiment. The lady got three people to do the experiment. The experiment was about your senses. Iisa had to try and guess something.

The second experiment was to see how much oxygen in our lungs. Emmanuelle blowed into this machine looking thing and the blue water turned light brown and then her oxygen went into the machine and it showed us that she had 2 litres of oxygen.

After that there was another experiment for us to see and it was to see how tall you will be when you’re 20 years old. Anthony stood next to the tape measure and he was 150cm tall and it showed that he would be 180cm when he’s 20 years old.

When we finished that we headed off to do our own experiments. Out of all those experiments my favourite was the big explosion. That was my favourite because it was really loud and booming, it sounded like a big thunder bomb.

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