Friday, May 9, 2014

Immersion Assembly

First thing in the morning.
We went to the hall.
Immersion Assembly
New York Taxi
testing the balloons

First thing in the morning the whole school went to the hall for an immersion assembly. As I walked into the hall I could see balloons lined in the middle of the hall and there was a song playing called “We like to move it, move it”. That song was playing because that is the topic for the term.

Also there were teachers dressed up to our topic for the term. Our topic for the term is We like to move it, move it. As soon as the music stopped playing Mr Burt welcomed us backed to school.

Teams 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 teachers had an item to show in the immersion assembly.

The first thing that we did in assembly was test out some balloons and see how many balloons it takes to lift up a new york taxi!?! Once we tried it out we found out how many it takes and it was 13. After that it was time for the team items.

The first team to show an item was Team 1. Their item was about Flight and as the teachers walked up onto the stage there was a song playing that had hot air balloons showing on the screen as well. While the song was playing the were dressed up as planes and they were doing a little dance.

After that they started talking and then they had these little paper planes. After Mrs She started talking about them the they started testing them out by flying them around the hall. And some people caught the planes. Mrs Eadie was an airplane, and so were the other teachers.

When they finished their item It was time for Team twos item.
Then Team 3.
Then Team 4.
Then Team 5.

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